Automation of Account Opening form


Retrieve information from KYC document and automate the account opening form using the information on the KYC document. Validate the information provided by matching information across all KYC document and enable auto filling of account opening form.


Open Source based OCR solution build to extract data from KYC documents such as Addhar, Passport and PAN card. The data extracted is used to fill the account opening form fields like Name, Date of birth, Address, Father’s Name etc. In case any of the fields / photo doesn’t match a error is generated for a physical review. If validation is successful then the information from KYC document is used for filling account opening form.

Process Flow

1.Retrleve Information from KYC Document
2.Use the KYC Information to auto-fill form
3.Integrate with CIBIL Score
4.Populate CIBIL Score and other Information on the form
5.Excetion Workfiow for Training and Human Integration