Data Analytics

Want to examine raw data to draw meaningful insights?
We can help you do that.

"The ability to understand data in context and take business action, is the source of competitive advantage"


Why Data Analytics ?


Anticipate Everything

Be ready for pre-emptive analytics. The world has moved from post-event to real-time and pre-event analysis and action.Predict everything. Anticipate everything.

Customers share a huge amount of data using multiple channels in their interactions with companies and they expect to deliver contextually relevant, real-time experiences.

Use Data Analytics to predict behaviors, customer churn, customer satisfaction levels and so on. You can also predict what products to build and serve.


Save Costs

Savings are not necessarily rewarded in the organizations. They push to earn more revenues while at the same time they can reduce their losses to increase profitability.

Big data and analytics can be used to predict the possible cost saving opportunities without requiring the managers to perform extensive research.

We help you reform the processes to make a better business sense and achieve better ROI and profitability.


Take more Decisions

We didn’t say better, that’s obvious. Today the speed of decision making is extremely important. Your organization’s success depends upon data agility.

Organizations need to run huge amount of experimentations to keep the product relevant and ever evolving. Many leading companies run 20-30 experiments per week, early start-ups may do 1-2.

We help you with better decisions every week so that you stay relevant.

Our core capabilities


Data strategy

Define strategic vision, scope , data standards and governance requirements.

Creating Data Architecture, Policies & TOM

Create/Adopt Policies, Standards and Target Operating Model

Building Data Warehouses and Data Marts

Define Data Architecture (Current State, Target State, Master & Ref Data)

Setting up Data Governance Practice

Build self serve reporting and analytical data capabilities. Deliver data platform for enhanced analytics & ML.

Master,Reference & Meta Data Management

Deliver fully managed, governed and auditable Data-warehouse, Reporting and Analytical cluster

Creating Risks and Control Framework

Deliver Data Foundation (Data Catalogs, Meta data, Classification Lineage, DQ, Data Security & Control Framework)


Data Capabilities

♦ Reporting & Dash-boarding
♦ Predictive Modelling
♦ ML / AI / NLP
♦ Data Visualization

Analytics Capabilities

♦ Data Discovery
♦ Data Acquisition
♦ ETL, Data Warehousing
♦ Process Automation

We have created some awesome use cases

If you would like to bring a use case to us or run a pilot on the existing ones get in touch with us.

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