Robotic Process Automation

Don't be a robot, we'll deploy one for you

"Imagine the metaphorical robots automating your tedious, mundane and repetitive tasks! That's what Robotic Process Automation or RPA is."


A bot can simply mimic tasks that humans do,
albeit at a much faster rate and accuracy.

RPA offers lots of bots which can be attended or unattended based on the requirements.


Web Scrapers

These bots are essentially crawlers, but can assist in data scraping.They search through the internet to gather information.

Task bots

These bots can automate rule-based repetitive tasks to process information.


Chat bots

Chatterbots are AI-driven agents that can respond to customers in real-time.

Why RPA ?

Create, test and deploy new automation schemes in hours, instead of days or months

Higher Cost Savings

When clients use RPA effectively, average handling times can be reduced by up to 40% and processing costs that could be up to 80% lowe

Reduce Human error

RPA Helps with consistency with standardized processes along with increased compliance and auditabilit

Faster Process

Eliminate human errors & faster process to improve customer satisfaction to deliver higher value for your customer

Working with best solution providers

DAAS labs has deployed RPA solutions and is official partners with Automation Anywhere and UiPath.


How we can help ?


  • RPA Process Assessment
  • Diagnose | Discover | Deduce | Design | Deliver
  • RPA Tool Selection
  • Ease of Use | Scalability | Licensing Costs
  • RPA CoE Setup
  • Support Functions | central RPA provider | RPA IT Enabler
  • RPA Business Case Preparation
  • Business Value | Competitive Advantages

RPA Support Services     

  • RPA Support Model
  • Governance Framework | 24x7 Delivery Support Model
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Initialization | Implementation | Scale Up
  • Application/Data Support
    (Level 1 through Level 3)
  • Help Desk | Control Tower

Automation Architecture

  • Architectural Review
  • Automation Solution Design | Process Bot Architecture
  • RPA Roadmap
  • Strategic RPA Model | Scaling RPA | Build CoE Structure
  • Data/Information Architecture
  • BP Architecture | Data flow Architecture
  • Delivery Framework
  • Transform | Enable | Standardize | Scale

RPA Implementation Services

  • RPA Proof of Value
  • Transformation Scope | Capture | Forecast
  • RPA BoT Delivery
  • Seamless Integration | On-Time | Under Budget
  • RPA Infrastructure Setup
  • RPA Infrastructure Setup on-Premises / Cloud
  • Change Management
  • Org. Readiness | Process viability | Build Capability

We have created some awesome use cases

If you would like to bring a use case to us or run a pilot on the existing ones get in touch with us.

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