Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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"AI has redefined business operations and lead to remarkable breakthroughs for industries. It is changing how people work."

Pillars of AI


The ability of an intelligent system to learn from data without upfront human intervention.


Supervised curing of data to predict what will happen in future using approaches like classification, regression and ranking.


For intelligence to be meaningful, it must be able to justify and explain its assertions, and to be able to diagnose failures.


Intelligent systems detect and react. It automatically executes the loop of discovery, prediction and justification when new data is ingested.


An intelligent system is one that is always learning, lives in the workflow and is constantly improving.

Why AI ?


In AI, decisions are based on previously gathered information applying a certain set of algorithms, thus reducing “human error”.


AI can make machines work 24x7 and they don’t even get bored or tired, unlike humans.


Identification of spoken words and phrases and converting them into machine readable format using various algorithms through acoustic and language modelling.

Better Decision Making

AI-powered machine works on what it is programmed for and delivers quicker results without emotional or practical intervention.

How we can help ?

Social Intelligence

Get actionable insights on user’s voice through social data via API integration or database.

Report Generation

Produce comments and reports using intelligent engine fueled with NLP and NLG, supported to configure rules for predictable outcomes.

We have created some awesome use cases

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