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Quality Control and Operations Teams were looking for a fool-proof system or technology to get automated reporting for curing at worksites. Non periodic curing of concrete results in weak and short life of the foundation of the structure. This also increases the audit visits to sites, hence increasing the operational cost of the project.


Pole infrastructure mounted with CCTV Cameras and equipped with solar power panel for uninterrupted power supply powered by wireless connectivity for capturing and streaming video data to customer HQ were implemented at their worksites.

MATE (AI VA Software) was installed to
a. To track if the wrapping of the column was completed
b. To track if the curing frequency was as per the defined guidelines
c. To provide daily reports for better management and actions


Customized Highlights with short clips of the wrapping and curing frequency was captured through Daily/Weekly reports. Corrective measures were immediately taken up by 3rd party vendors as the reports provided the negligence with evidences.
Implemented improvements helped in reducing the excessive audit visits thus maintaining the operational cost per site with better compliance.

Components Utilised

a) Workstation ( 8 GB Ram, i5+ Processor, 1 TB HDD with windows 7 + or Windows 10 and MS Office)
b) Internet connection to the workstation for remote configurations
c) The Cameras and relative pole infrastructure
d) MATE AI VA Software