Data Analytics

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What Data Does Facebook Collect?

Do you ever realize what data does Facebook’s systems collect about you even when you’re offline and what is it used for? Have you ever searched for something, only to see that same item pop up in a sponsored post in your Facebook stream the next time you sign in? Or read an article about […]
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Big Data and AI for FinTech

Data is no more eccentric to financial industry, neither is analytics or decision-making. When combined, the system can break through the data silos as well as turn the insights into rewarding business outcomes. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and predictive analytics are paving their way for intensive customer-centric data that can increase sales, generate […]
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Data Analytics In Depth

The buzzword “Data Analytics” has been all around for decades now. It is the science of examining raw data or data sets in order to draw conclusions. Each business enterprise generates and gather enormous amount of data that is needed to extract meaningful insights and correlations. It is a broad term that involves using specialized […]
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How data analytics helps reduce business expenses?

Operational costs are undoubtedly a major concern for businesses amid an intense competitive environment and uncertainty in the capital markets. Not just large scale organizations, but even small businesses are being succumbed by constantly increasing expenses. They then increase the raw material cost, fuel surcharges, and other indirect costs per year, on an average. In […]
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What is Data Analytics and why It is important for your company

What is Data Anlytics? In short, It’s making sense of data for effective decision making. Big data analytics includes an examination of large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. The known data analytics development cycle is described in stages:  Descriptive (what happened) to diagnostic (why did it happen), Discovery (what […]
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