Rethinking business & compliances for COVID-19

Covid Compliance for Business

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has put a halt to everything. After a long Lockdown period, the business thinking of opening the offices or factories will have to comply with government rules and regulations and adhere to Compliance for COVID-19 for social distances, masks and no masks and others.

Worldwide the people are not turning up to offices and other work locations due to the fear of the virus. To ensure employee turn up in these times the offices will have to take a series of measures and monitoring. According to experts, companies may think of compliance for COVID-19 like allowing a batch of employees to work by rotation thereby maintaining social distancing.

We were thinking of the technology-based solution and now while you are preparing to get offices ready Daas labs have developed on a solution which can be deployed immediately, at low cost. To help address the looming situation, Daas Labs have used its machine vision and imaging technology, or to be specific, Computer Vision is at par.

The tech has the answer to ensure Compliance for COVID-19. An AI-based technology, Computer Vision (CV), allows computers to monitor and observe each individual.

CV helps answer questions such as:

  • Are people maintaining safe social distances?
  • How can things be made contactless?
  • How many people are wearing masks correctly?
  • Is their temperature more than normal?

The algorithms which stand for CV has now reached an astounding level of accuracy in understanding what is happening around. How this solution will fight against COVID-19?

This technology is specifically designed for enduring Compliance for COVID-19 for all businesses including airports, malls and retail environments to track things like identifying the number of people in an area, the distance between them, and other such conditions. And all this can be done without direct human assistance. Based on the gathered data, it can then send email or SMS alerts when needed.

The following thing should be monitored and measured by the offices.

Temperature Checks

The traditional practice to check the body temperature has been done with thermometer guns. Unfortunately, in crammed spaces like offices, airports, shopping malls etc., it requires human involvement and is time-consuming. CV offers an efficient alternative in such situations.

Specially designed algorithms can perform temperature checks on a larger scale. Cameras with built-in infrared sensors, connected to the CV system, can predict temperatures of around two hundred individuals per minute and automatically mark anyone with a temperature above 99.5 degree F.

It is the most difficult compliance for COVID-19 but it should remain in the list of the things above social distancing.

Masks or No Masks?

There has been a vivid discussion on whether masks are effective or not, but there is only one conclusion – wearing a mask won’t hurt.

AI models using image recognition are able to detect people who don’t wear masks while being in a public place. Furthermore, it can also spot those who don’t wear their masks correctly. While designing solutions for compliance for COVID-19 we have ensured that Indian context is present. So even if no mask is there but a cloth, a chunni, a Gamcha is there we will take it as a mask.

Contactless identification and access control

Employee Attendance is one solution which is not a Compliance for COVID-19 but a necessity. We thought you will need it.

Deep Learning algorithm helps in converting frames of videos into images so that the face of a person can be recognized for the attendance and it also handles the record of collected information.

Contactless attendance solution uses CV that captures facial data via the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) -enabled cameras and matches it with the existing data to mark the attendance of individuals. Every time a person comes in or goes out of the office, their face is recognized and attendance is recorded.

It can be done without having the need of a special device or hardware, instead, it supports the existing CCTV or IP cameras in the office premises. It not only saves the infrastructure but also cost.

Alerts and Report Management

CV enabled systems gather data from its linked sources and can send alerts via email, SMS, or WhatsApp, and is far better than the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled tracking. It also helps in monitoring daily reports and dashboards of all employees.

Other Innovations

It can spread messages to people spotted in groups and alert them to avoid gatherings. It can be of great help for the elderly in monitoring their health and help them make video calls with their families.

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