Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Transforming Imagination into Reality

"Augmented Reality (AR) lets user experience the real world, which has been digitally augmented using computer-generated images"

"Virtual Reality (VR) fully immerse people in simulated virtual environments"

How AR/VR works ?

Image Recognition and Tracking

Equipped with image recognition and tracking capabilities, the AR app can easily scan and recognize millions of indoor and outdoor objects.

3D Features

3D features and simulations are the magic features of VR app which lets us explore new world and attempt the impossible.

Geo-Based Augmented Reality

AR apps can easily locate the nearest gas station or real-time weather or traffic data based on geography or location of user.


VR enabled headsets delivers high-quality VR experiences in an all-in-one form factor for your media and gaming needs.

Why AR/VR ?

Rich User Experience

AR/VR provides users with interactive and immersive experience which drives customer engagement.

Personalized Content

AR/VR tailors personalized content for user defined needs allowing quicker adoption.

No Boundaries

AR/VR lets users experience their favorite tour places, shops and many other environments without any barriers.

Detailed Metrics

AR/VR integrated with web and social media provides detailed analytics to understand user behavior.

How we can help ?

AR/VR Based Learning Experience

Explore, optimize and implement Augmented & Virtual Reality to solve training and learning challenges.
• Guided Learning
• Experiential & Collaborative Learning
• 2-d/3-d Animation
• AR/VR based training
• Gamified 360 training
• Corporate Videos


Transform your existing machines and drawings into true data driven applications using our MRO engine. Take it one step further with our remote solution – for expert support round the clock.
• Operational Efficiency
• Safety Inspections
• Predictive Maintenance
• Remote Assist

We have created some awesome use cases

If you would like to bring a use case to us or run a pilot on the existing ones get in touch with us.

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