EHS Compliance for the Leading Telecom Infrastructure


HR demands full EHS compliance of worker safety at sites is followed as per the company and regulatory regulations

“Regulatory fines faced due to negligence of 3rd party vendors deployed at various sites across India”


Pole infrastructure mounted with CCTV Cameras and equipped with solar power panel for uninterrupted power supply powered by wireless connectivity for capturing and streaming video data to customer HQ were implemented at their worksites.

MATE (AI VA Software) was installed to
a. track if the workers were using the safety equipment
b. notify through short clips if a workers isn’t equipped with provided helmets
c. provide a daily/weekly reports for better management and discussions


Identification and tracking of workers at the sites have pushed the workers and customer’s 3rd party vendors to follow the rules defined by the company and regulatory for wearing helmets.
Customized Highlights with short clips of the intended negligence was captured through Daily/Weekly reports. Corrective measures were immediately taken up by 3rd party vendors as the reports provided the negligence with evidences.

Components Utilised

a) Workstation ( 8 GB Ram, i5+ Processor, 1 TB HDD with windows 7 + or Windows 10 and MS Office)
b) Internet connection to the workstation for remote configurations
c) The Cameras and relative pole infrastructure
d) MATE AI VA Software